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Lorenzo’s in West Chester is home to the biggest Hoagies, the most delicious cheesesteaks and only the heartiest Breakfasts.

Nothing really compares to a Lorenzo’s Hoagie. Here, our Hoagies are big enough to, as one customer put it, tell your grandchildren about. You can search all over the state of PA, but nowhere else are you going to find a legendary Hoagie. Here, soft bread engulfs “generous” portions of meats at toppings. Finishing a Hoagie here is like conquering a delicious beast, and the they’re so good the next day you’re going to want to do it all over again!

It’s not just our Hoagies that will keep you coming back. Our cheesesteaks are the real thing, delicious mouthfuls of perfectly cooked steak with hot, melting cheese. We’ve got a solid breakfast selection too, enough to get you going no matter how tough your day.

There’s no sandwich quite like a Lorenzo’s Sandwich.

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